Voice chat?

Answer it is possable you may want to go in to your settings on the software you are using! such as yahoo messenger go to preferences and go to voicechat thingy and check to see if all the devices are all... Read More »

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I have yahoo messenger with voice, did updates, and had to re-install yahoo voice, but chat room doesnt work.?

You may be behind a firewall...that is what is wrong with mine. Call your internet service provider.

Can you use voice chat on Facebook?

Facebook users can voice chat other users using the high-quality “Vivox” application. Vivox is known for developing voice and instant messaging systems for online games and communities, such as... Read More »

How Can I Play Music on Yahoo Voice Chat?

Yahoo voice chat is just like the standard Yahoo instant messenger, except it is possible for you to communicate with other individuals through a microphone on your computer. This microphone picks ... Read More »

Can you use the built-in microphone for the PSP-3000 for MSN Voice Chat?

Yes. Use the PSP-3000's built-in microphone for voice-chat, including MSN voice-chat. You need no external equipment. Some users, however, have reported trouble using the system's camera for video ... Read More »