Vocational Skills Activities?

Answer Simply put, a vocation is another word for a job. It is never too early to start acquiring the skills you need for your chosen profession. If your career goal is to be a doctor, enroll in a math- a... Read More »

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What Are Vocational Skills?

A vocational education teaches practical job training in a hands-on environment that is typically not in a classroom. Vocational school graduates have a variety of jobs, including mechanic, carpent... Read More »

What Is a Vocational Skills Audit?

A vocational skills audit examines the skills that are present in an employee or a workforce and the skills that are needed to successfully perform a job. This assessment helps point out areas of s... Read More »

List of Vocational Skills?

Vocational skills are needed for vocational careers, or those that entail using manual or training abilities in a variety of jobs. There are many different types of vocational skills that can be le... Read More »

Vocational Skills for Special Education?

Vocational skills are job-related skills and concepts. One of the primary goals of special education is to prepare students with disabilities for life after secondary education. Vocational skills i... Read More »