Vocational Skills Activities?

Answer Simply put, a vocation is another word for a job. It is never too early to start acquiring the skills you need for your chosen profession. If your career goal is to be a doctor, enroll in a math- a... Read More »

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What Are Vocational Skills?

A vocational education teaches practical job training in a hands-on environment that is typically not in a classroom. Vocational school graduates have a variety of jobs, including mechanic, carpent... Read More »

List of Vocational Skills?

Vocational skills are needed for vocational careers, or those that entail using manual or training abilities in a variety of jobs. There are many different types of vocational skills that can be le... Read More »

List of Vocational Literacy Skills?

The need for literacy skills in the workplace has been widely expressed by employers. Jobs in the information and technology sectors, in particular, increasingly require the ability to communicate ... Read More »

What Is a Vocational Skills Audit?

A vocational skills audit examines the skills that are present in an employee or a workforce and the skills that are needed to successfully perform a job. This assessment helps point out areas of s... Read More »