Vocational Schools in Billings, Montana?

Answer For the unemployed, vocational school offers the opportunity to learn a new trade and re-enter the workforce. Many vocational schools offer programs that take one to two years to complete. In Bill... Read More »

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Is Billings, Montana, tax free?

All of Montana's cities, including Billings, do not have a sales tax. People in Montana have to pay a state income tax between 1 percent and 6.9 percent, depending on their income, as of 2010.Refer... Read More »

How to Donate Plasma in Billings, Montana?

Donating plasma is one way to make a little extra cash each month. Plasma is the clear fluid in the blood that contains white blood cells. Plasma donation centers extract the plasma from the donor'... Read More »

Vocational Art Schools?

Art education spans many areas, from animation, music, dance and photography, to digital media, ceramics, sculpture and art history. Completing these programs leads graduates to related career opti... Read More »

Vocational Schools in the U.S.?

Vocational colleges in the United States are a popular alternative to traditional four-year or community colleges. They serve as a means to get an education in a highly specific field that generall... Read More »