Vitamins for a Good Complexion?

Answer Taking care of your skin can help reduce lines and wrinkles on the face that can make you look a lot older than you actually are. One of easiest ways to help your skin is by taking the necessary vi... Read More »

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List of Foods Good for Your Complexion?

With the creation of Botox and plastic surgery, it might seem all too easy to take care of your skin. But didn't your mother ever tell you that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? With... Read More »

I had a girlfriend who said she swallowed semen because it was good for her complexion. Do you believe it is?

yes, it should be very good for her complexion...I recc'd every girl to follow suit

What Hair Colors Are Good for People With a Fair Complexion?

The most important consideration in choosing hair color is not the overall lightness or darkness of your skin, but the underlying tone of your complexion. Tone is used to describe the coolness or w... Read More »

Are One-a-Day vitamins good?

On One Hand: Everything is PermissibleTaking One A Day vitamins will not hurt you. The brand can actually help replenish some vitamins and minerals your body may be lacking due to poor diet or dise... Read More »