Vitamins for Puppies?

Answer Vitamins can give your puppy the proper nutrition that can help it grow into a healthy adult dog. Choosing a vet-approved, vitamin-enriched dog food will go a long way toward helping the puppy thri... Read More »

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Are shaklee vitamins better than gnc vitamins?

On One Hand: Shaklee Guarantees SafetyAccording to their website, Shaklee's quality assurance program (QAP) tests new ingredients 350 times and continues to "conduct over 80,000 quality tests annua... Read More »

What vitamins am I missing out on and what should I do to get the vitamins I need?

I wasn't completely clear on what you meant about "not changing what you are doing right now" meant. I am assuming you mean to say that you don't want to have to eat any differently. If that is t... Read More »

How to Like Puppies?

"Dogs. I hate dogs." - Soap MacTavish, Modern Warfare 2Puppies may be annoying at times, but if you give them some time, they will prove to be very lovable. Read on to learn how to like puppies.

Depression in Puppies?

Puppies can and do get depressed, for reasons similar to reasons why people get depressed. It could be a drastic change in environment or the death of a family member. Depressed puppies are at risk... Read More »