Vitamins for Lactating Women?

Answer Women must take certain vitamins during pregnancy and lactation. Prenatal vitamins during pregnancy make up for nutritional deficiencies in the mother's diet, while vitamins for lactating (or breas... Read More »

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What kind of vitamins should women take?

Women have unique nutritional requirements, especially during various life stages. Hormones require micronutrients to be produced in the right supply, hence proper nutrients are very important to w... Read More »

The Best Vitamins for Women's Hair Growth?

Whether you are losing your hair or simply want it to grow better, there are many vitamins that help with hair growth. Hair loss can be caused by many factors, including lack of proper nutrition, s... Read More »

Do pregnant women's nails and hair grow faster on their own OR only if they take prenatal vitamins?

hormones raging Pregnant womens nails and hair of course grow quicker and stronger with or without vitamins due to the amped up hormones in their bodies.

How to Tell If My Dog Is Lactating?

A dog cares for her puppies around the clock for the first few days by cleaning them, keeping them warm and providing milk. If your dog has just given birth to puppies, you need to make sure she is... Read More »