Vitamins for Dry Skin?

Answer The saying "you are what you eat" is often times very true, especially when it comes to skin care. Have you ever suffered form chronic dry skin? Have you ever caked on gobs of moisturizer to find t... Read More »

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Vitamins for Dog Skin Problems?

A dog's skin is a reflection of his overall health. If your dog has smooth skin and a shiny coat, chances are he is getting adequate vitamins in his diet. Dry skin, hair loss, dandruff, or a dull c... Read More »

Vitamins for Clear Skin?

Certain vitamins are imperative for skin health and clarity. Although a multivitamin supplement is helpful, it is also advised to incorporate other nutrients in a balanced diet. Foods such as fresh... Read More »

Vitamins for Stress & Skin?

Skin problems flare up in some people when they are under a lot of stress. If you've tried over-the-counter and prescription skin medications and nothing has seemed to help, it may be time to find ... Read More »

Vitamins for the Hair & the Skin?

There are many vitamins that are good for our hair and skin that it can be hard to name them all. However, there are a few top antioxidants such as vitamins E, A, C, D and omega 3 that our skin dri... Read More »