Vitamins for Dogs With Skin Allergies?

Answer Canine skin allergies may be the result of allergies to certain foods, fleas or other parasites, medications or environmental factors such as dust or pollen. Whatever the cause of the skin allergy,... Read More »

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Topical or Internal Treatments for Dogs With Skin Allergies?

Like their human counterparts, dogs can have allergies that affect their skin. These allergies can cause redness, inflammation, itching, biting and even loss of fur. Fortunately, dog skin allergies... Read More »

Dietary Supplements for Skin Allergies in Dogs?

As with human allergies, dog skin allergies (canine atopic dermatitis) result from an overreaction of the immune system. Intense itchiness might cause your dog to scratch and lick herself excessive... Read More »

Vitamins for Dogs With Cancer?

Like humans, dogs are prone to cancer as well. This cancer can come in a number of forms, including of the blood, brain and numerous other parts of the body. Fortunately, there are plenty of vitami... Read More »

Organic Treatments for Dogs With Allergies?

There are a variety of different medicines and treatments that you can use on your dog if they have allergies, like watery eyes or itchy, dry skin. However, many of these allergy medicines are chem... Read More »