Vitamins for Appetite Stimulation?

Answer Many diseases, conditions and circumstances can cause lack of appetite. Unfortunately, lack of appetite can cause denial of the body's need for nutrients. This is especially detrimental when the l... Read More »

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What is tactile stimulation?

If you have ever burned your hand on a hot stove, gone swimming or buried your face in your dog's fluffy top coat, you have experienced a form of tactile stimulation. The skin is the largest organ ... Read More »

An Experiment on Visual Stimulation?

Vision serves as the main source of input from the outside world – at least for people. Other animals use hearing, smell and even infrared light. Visual stimulation may impact the mind more than ... Read More »

About the Sensory Stimulation Theory?

The sensory stimulation theory is an idea by the scientific community that states that a person completes an action to receive sensory input. The idea of using the theory for learning is common in ... Read More »

Hair Stimulation Products?

You turn to hair stimulation products when you want to regrow hair and are tired of having hair that is too thin. Thinning hair and hair loss is caused by something referred to as senescence. Senes... Read More »