Vitamins & Sleeplessness?

Answer A deficiency in vitamins and minerals has been known to cause restlessness, which can interfere with sleep patterns. Consuming sufficient amounts of vitamins, particularly from food sources, can he... Read More »

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How to Overcome Sleeplessness?

Can't sleep? Here is a few tips for you to try to help you overcome sleeplessness

How to get rid of sleeplessness caused by stress?

Yoga, meditation, a hot bath, chamomile or valerian teas. Avoid looking at a screen for at least 2h before your bedtime. And don't stay in bed thinking about how you cannot fall asleep; get up and ... Read More »

Is sleeplessness a symptom of pregnancy?

Pregnancy symptomsIt can be, but if it's your only symptom, you're probably not pregnant.If you aren't sure, take a home pregnancy test (HPT) or go see a doctor for a blood test. Inexpensive store ... Read More »

Anxiety attacks and sleeplessness?

Change your life style if it's too hectic. Do relaxation exercises or Yoga Nidra. Here are some free exercises to download to help you sleep and overcome anxiety.