Vitamin D3 is dangerous for your health?

Answer For ten years the majority of research on it was based on 2,000 IU. Why the new levels were determined is one of the great absurd mysteries of this century so far. Read More »

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Can vitamin supplements actually be dangerous for your health?

Certain vitamins, when taken to excess. Many vitamins, if mega-doses are taken continuously. Expired vitamins may pose health hazards.

Is WiFi dangerous to your health?

Probably not. The energy involved is quite low. See… .

Are halogen bulbs dangerous to your health?

On One Hand: If You Touch ThemHalogen bulbs burn very hot, according to They can reach temperatures of up to 970 degrees F, which will catch most paper products on fire. I... Read More »

Are X-ray developer machines dangerous for your health?

The developer machine produces no radiation. (There's X-ray radiation when the film is exposed, but not when it's developed.)The chemicals are typical film-developing chemicals. Millions of photo... Read More »