Vitamin D Supplement- actual sun?

Answer Not true. Your body can, however, use the sun's energy (specifically the UVB rays) in combination with cholesterol in your body to take the modified molecules to the liver to be converted to anoth... Read More »

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If I am unable to see a doctor I need to know what the pros and cons and differences of a regular vitamin supplement vs a prenatal vitamin supplement?

Answer Go to any pharmacist and they can assist you in this. Also you have the option of going to a Naturopathic doctor.

How to Supplement Your Vitamin D (for Adults)?

Vitamin D acts like a hormone in your body![1] It is now, belatedly realized (now that all the vitamin D has been "incidentally" stripped from your food), that vitamin D is much more than a vitamin... Read More »

The Best Vitamin & Supplement Companies?

Multi-vitamins and other vitamin supplements help people include more of certain vitamins in their diets. They are especially helpful to people with poor diets who don't get enough of the healthy v... Read More »

What is the best vitamin supplement?

I've tried over the counter vitamins like Centrum and stuff but about a year ago I was turned on to "The Greatest Vitamin in the World" by a friend of mine. I wasn't too sure about it but it was a... Read More »