Visual Tools for the Classroom?

Answer Educational research estimates that 65 percent of students are visual learners, 30 percent are auditory and 5 percent are kinesthetic learners. This statistic highlights the importance of using vis... Read More »

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Visual Aides for Learning Tools?

We live in an age of digital enlightenment. The youngest two generations are learning and growing in a culture powered by technology. To keep up with these developing trends, it is important to use... Read More »

Visual & Auditory Assessment Tools?

Visual and auditory learning styles help classify those who learn predominantly through seeing and those who learn through hearing. According to LDPride, "Knowing your learning style will help you ... Read More »

Visual Checklist for a Classroom?

When preparing a classroom, the teacher should create a space that will reflect academic goals, address student needs and motivate the children to be academically and socially successful. The class... Read More »

Visual Tracking Problems in the Classroom?

Visual tracking describes the ability to control fine eye movement, moving the eyes together from left to right with accuracy. Children with visual tracking problems have difficulty controlling eye... Read More »