Visual Motor Deficit & Specially Designed Pencils & Pens?

Answer Most children are able to produce legible handwriting with little problem. However, children who have visual-motor deficits can find handwriting frustrating and difficult. These students may benefi... Read More »

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When is it okay to pull a student out of class for specially designed instruction?

== Um..........................Yeah. Y? Did this happen to you. == == Um..........................Yeah. Y? Did this happen to It is quite possible. Might I suggest that before you have sex again th... Read More »

Are Pens Better Than Pencils?

On One Hand: Pens are BetterPen ink comes in a multitude of colors. With a pen, you can draw a green dragon or make red check marks. In fact, you can even buy one retractable pen that contains thre... Read More »

Who invented pens&pencils?

The first ball point pen was patented by Lazlo Biro in 1938; however, the theory of how a pen worked was developed around 1888 by a Weymouth, USA banker. The pencil was successfully invented by N. ... Read More »

How to Cheat on a Test Using Pens or Pencils?

Cheating on a test is never a good idea. You cheat both yourself and your future. However, if you must, at least try to do it right.