Visual Motor Deficit & Specially Designed Pencils & Pens?

Answer Most children are able to produce legible handwriting with little problem. However, children who have visual-motor deficits can find handwriting frustrating and difficult. These students may benefi... Read More »

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Who invented pens&pencils?

The first ball point pen was patented by Lazlo Biro in 1938; however, the theory of how a pen worked was developed around 1888 by a Weymouth, USA banker. The pencil was successfully invented by N. ... Read More »

When is it okay to pull a student out of class for specially designed instruction?

== Um..........................Yeah. Y? Did this happen to you. == == Um..........................Yeah. Y? Did this happen to It is quite possible. Might I suggest that before you have sex again th... Read More »

Are Pens Better Than Pencils?

On One Hand: Pens are BetterPen ink comes in a multitude of colors. With a pen, you can draw a green dragon or make red check marks. In fact, you can even buy one retractable pen that contains thre... Read More »

Are pens&pencils allowed on airplanes?

Pens and pencils are still allowed on airplanes despite recent increases in security around the globe. Fountain pens are, however, not recommended as they explode due to cabin pressure changes.Sour... Read More »