Visual Difference Between 3G & 3GS?

Answer The iPhone 3G is the second version of Apple's iPhone smartphone. It was released in 2008. The next year, the iPhone 3GS was released. As the similarity of the names suggest, these two phones share... Read More »

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C, visual C, Objective C...what is the difference?

C is a language, "Visual C" is the C half of Microsoft's C/C++ compiler. It's got a number of small additions to the standard language for developing Windows applications (plus a large collection ... Read More »

Is there a big visual difference between 720p and 1080i?

Big difference depends on what your watching. MAny channels like ESPN where they have fast action stick to 720P since the Refresh rate is higher. 1080i will look better on more still pictures or sl... Read More »

How to Use Visual Basic to Determine the Difference Between Two Numbers?

Microsoft developed the Visual Basic programming language to provide a much easier environment for those without formal computer programming training to create Windows applications. Graphical User ... Read More »

Does a program in HD make ANY visual difference on a regular television?

no, because the pixals we'll not be all displayed because there are not enough of them to make a big MAY get a little difference if you are lucky, but to get teh best picture, invest... Read More »