Visual Basic programing : For-Next loop question, please help?

Answer The following code works for VB 2010, if you want the squares of all odd numbers in string of numbers.Just don;t exceed the maximum integer number.Public Class Form1 Private Sub Button1_Click(se... Read More »

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Visual Basic programing : While...wend loop question, pl'z help. . .?

You could use while but recursion is better.fac=1while n > 0 fac=fac*n n=n-1wendprint facbetter:…

How do I stop a Visual Basic For loop?

The For loop is a structure in programming languages that allows a program to repeat an operation a number of times. For example, they are used to iterate through an entire list of data and perform... Read More »

Visual Basic 2010 barcode scanner question?

I dont think you need anything special for barcode input barcode reader will automatically read code and type into the cursor position

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