Visual Art Projects for Multi Intelligences?

Answer The idea of multiple intelligences first appeared when Howard Gardner identified seven distinct intelligences. Gardner is an educator and psychologist who advocated that we each have our own intell... Read More »

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Projects Using Gardner's Intelligences for Middle School Students?

Educational systems have specific ways in which students are taught. However, strict educational practices may not work for every student. Students and teachers alike may realize different people a... Read More »

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How to Plan Visual Basic Projects?

Planning a Visual Basic software project involves working out much of the solution on paper before ever beginning to create the code that puts it all together. To plan a Visual Basic software appli... Read More »

Cool Visual Science Projects of a Hurricane?

A hurricane is a low-pressure storm that forms in the tropics with a circular movement with winds at least 74 mph. The distinctive cyclonic formation is created by warm ocean waters and climate. A ... Read More »