Visual Aides for Learning Tools?

Answer We live in an age of digital enlightenment. The youngest two generations are learning and growing in a culture powered by technology. To keep up with these developing trends, it is important to use... Read More »

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Which is better: audio or visual learning?

On One Hand: Different people have different learning strengthsThere are, in fact, three common learning styles: visual/spatial, auditory/verbal and tactile/kinetic. Everybody has a different innat... Read More »

Visual Learning Problems?

Parents want their children to be normal functioning individuals, and adults want to be equal to their peers, but sometimes nature dictates other circumstances. Children and adults can develop cert... Read More »

How to Use the Visual Learning Style to Your Advantage?

The visual learning style involves the use of pictures, tables, and diagrams in order to convey information about a given topic. Within the education process, teachers should be aware that all stud... Read More »

Visual Spatial Learning Styles?

Visual-spatial learners are people who learn best through pictures and demonstrations. These learners to not process information through step-by-step instructions, drills or repetition; they like t... Read More »