Vista or XP which is the best?

Answer I have vista on my desktop and xp on my laptop.when i installed vista i lost my sound took me 2 days and lots of searching trying different drivers to get it back.with xp I've had no problems.i lik... Read More »

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Which one is the best vista or XP?

Wow. This has like never been asked before!Vista is newer, XP is tested.Sans SP3.And there ya go.

Which is best Vista or XP?

XP in my opinion. Vista is a resource hog.

Which is the best xp or vista to use?

XP hand's down and im a computer engineer Microsoft made a boob of vista and are currently trying to sort it out.

Which one is best among windows xp , vista , and 7?

No, statistically Windows Vista is better, faster, and more secure. • Windows Aero: Windows Vista features a totally different look for its interface—a cleaner, transparent look with impressive... Read More »