Vista not loading, Please Help?

Answer If you have the install CD for Windows Vista, just use that to boot off of, and then do the recovery steps involved.You can also try using the F8 key while the system is booting up, so that you can... Read More »

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My NBA 2k12 keeps freezing at the loading settings screen after I press start Help Please..!!?

What OS? Computer make, model, video card or on board? Power supply wattage? CPU make model?, amount of RAM?, Hard Drive specs?,DVD make and model, any programs in back ground? Anti-Virus? My poin... Read More »

Help with Vista task manager please?

Try double-clicking on the blank, gray area at the bottom of the Task Manager, and you should unhide the menus this way.I did this accidentally in a fit of frustration that's probably similar to yo... Read More »

Please help me! My vista has lines across the screen and everything is big?

Not a problem.What happened is that the software thought it was supposed to put out a resolution that is not supported by your monitor.So all you have to do is probably reset the resolution choice ... Read More »

How to Fix Problems Loading Outlook 2007 in Vista?

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is a part of Microsoft Office that contains features such as a calendar, task list, journal and address book. If you are having trouble opening this application on your Vista... Read More »