Vista driver for Canon 350D camera?


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Is the Canon EOS 350D a good camera?

Well, I had a 400d for quite a long time and it was good, but now it is outdated since many new cameras have come out. I have recently bought a Nikon D3200 and that has been a greater camera in ter... Read More »

What does the 350D stand for on the Canon Digital Rebel XT camera?

Which is the cheapest place in HongKong to buy lenses for my canon 350d. (sigma/canon/tamron)?

Do your camera shopping at Stanley Street in Central district on Hong Kong Island. also see Cheer Power Camera and Audio.

Nikon D40 or Canon 350D...........?

I'll brave the tidal wave here and suggest you handle both camera bodies first before deciding. All the specs in the world mean nothing if you don't find the camera as comfortable and second-natur... Read More »