Vista driver for Canon 350D camera?


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Is the Canon EOS 350D a good camera?

Well, I had a 400d for quite a long time and it was good, but now it is outdated since many new cameras have come out. I have recently bought a Nikon D3200 and that has been a greater camera in ter... Read More »

What does the 350D stand for on the Canon Digital Rebel XT camera?

Which is the cheapest place in HongKong to buy lenses for my canon 350d. (sigma/canon/tamron)?

Do your camera shopping at Stanley Street in Central district on Hong Kong Island. also see Cheer Power Camera and Audio.

Is it bad for a Canon 350d to use a Miranda CTB-24?

It's not a good idea to use a flash unit designed for a film camera with a DSLR because the camera hotshoe or cable link could damage the electronics of your Canon 350D. You would be better off us... Read More »