Vista Premium Sees the Wireless Connection and the Browser Is Not Connecting?

Answer The Windows Vista Home Premium taskbar displays an icon indicating the state of your wireless connection. An icon of two computers connected through a globe appears in the system tray if Vista can ... Read More »

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Browser's won't respond on wireless connection?

Just because you can connect to the wireless, doesn't mean that data is going through. I take it that this is some corporate laptop because you said IT building. If you can access the router, try... Read More »

How to Enable a Remote Desktop Connection on Vista Home Premium?

Windows Vista Home Premium has a feature called "Remote Desktop Connection" that allows you to connect remotely from your PC to another computer that is also running Windows and is connected to the... Read More »

Connecting wireless with microsoft windows vista?

you have to buy a service...the internet is not free. unless you are in a area that provides it like a airport of coffee house. then you dont need a password

Problems connecting to wireless network with Vista pc. What is "Enter credentials"?

I had this same issue with my dell laptop and a Linksys N router. I do not know why it happens, I do know how to fix it.Go to control panel.Go to Manage Wireless Networks.Click Add.Select Manually... Read More »