Visitation Rights in Missouri for an ICU Family?

Answer Hospitals must walk a fine line between protecting the visitation rights of family members and the best interest of patients who are hospitalized in their intensive care units. In addition to prote... Read More »

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Family Law: Visitation Rights?

Parents and family members affected by divorce are entitled to visitation rights with a child. Courts may order a reasonable visitation schedule or parents may decide a visitation schedule with ea... Read More »

Can a non-custodial parent lose visitation rights if they continually miss their court ordered visitation?

Merely because the non-custodial parent is unable to attend the court ordered visitation, it does not mean that he or she will automatically loose his or her visitation rights. If the non-custodial... Read More »

Can a non-custodial parent with visitation move to another state and still have visitation rights?

Yes. In most jurisdictions, a move out of state by either parent is sufficient cause to re-assess a child's access schedule. The new schedule will take into account the best interests of the child,... Read More »

What are the rights of a Missouri custodial parent needing to move out of state but less than 100 miles for career when the non custodial parent has extended non traditional visitation?

Answer Custodial rights in any US state depends largely on the individual circumstances surrounding a dispute and the judge's interpretation of such.Generally the main contributing factors in the ... Read More »