Vision problems during exercise?

Answer I have no idea what that is but go see your doctor, it wouldn't be heat stroke unless you had other symptoms which I know you would have put. That eye thing is very unusual and I've never heard of ... Read More »

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How many people start having vision problems in their 20s?

Contact lens night vision problems?

Does this happen when you wear your glasses? If not, I'm thinking that you might have astigmatism and have gotten NON-toric contacts which don't correct for astigmatism (or, if they are toric, they... Read More »

Lens problems with my camcorder (it's a Sony Handycam Vision Hi-8)...?

Sounds like your camcorder suffers the CCD problem tht Sony announced on their website some time ago ( i wish i could remember the link to that announcement ). Sony stated that some Hi8 camcorders ... Read More »

A child who's only had diabetes for 5 years is too young for vision problems right?

It's possible. When is the last time she had her eyes checked? Does she have allergies? This time of year sometimes I get a film like gunk over my eye from the pollen that can be blinked away. ... Read More »