Viruses on computerrr!!!!!!!!!!! helpp?

Answer You have an infection,that is trying to scare you into buying a program that will infect you further,and steal your card details.This type of infection is extremely common at the moment.Download Ma... Read More »

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HELPP!!!! PLEASE!! I JuST GOT BIT !!!!!!!!!?

Take any anti-infammatory...Aspirin's the best, though...Keep it in ice-cold water, and don't move around a spreads the fire-ant poison...It you drink alcohol beverages, make them crushed ... Read More »

Ear stretching Helpp?

I get an A if i get this righ helpp plz?

Hip problem helpp!!!!?

You have heard ???....Medically speaking, hear say, does not cut it in 21st century medicine. Without a proper office visit and diagnosis, to involve x-rays, difficult to ascertain. You are adding ... Read More »