Viruses anyone... how to get rid of them ON MY LAPTOP!?

Answer Run your anti-spyware in Safe Mode.If you dont have an excellent anti-spyware or your current anti-spyware can't prevent spyware from Invading you computer,download a better one.There are top 5 ant... Read More »

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How do I see if my laptop has viruses?

Free antivirus from Malwarbytes [1] and Avast! [2] can help you with that, download the free versions (or the trial version, if there's an option) and run a scan (quick or full, doesn't really matt... Read More »

How to get rid of viruses on a laptop for free?

Why does everyone insist on AVG so much when it only has a rating of 73.3%according to NSS Labs, Independent testing of information security products.Avira Antivir Free Antivirus programhttp://www.... Read More »

My laptop is filled with viruses?

Just format everything. Re-install your windows vista and it will erase everything. I would recommend dban. google that up if you don't know what that is. It's a way to wipe your hard drive of all ... Read More »

How do i delete 21 viruses on my laptop?

First try CCleanerYou`ll also need a registry clean (in CCleaner)Don`t touch 32 or you`ll have to strip out and re-install.******THis is taking too long?*******DO NOT INSTALL THE WINANTIVIRUS 2009.... Read More »