Virus turns on camera, police/ISP, real?

Answer There is lots of this ransomware going around. From your description, it sounds like you're infected with the Win32/Reveton variant. This video shows how to remove it: Read More »

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Kodak EasyShare Z650 turns on, lens comes out then screen goes black and camera turns off.?

Low power? Recharge or buy a new set of Energizer Lithium 'chever the case may be. If that does not work, the camera may already be dead. How unlucky can you get? A borrowed camera dies on you. The... Read More »

Kodak camera turns on then after 3 secs, shuts off?

Try a camera re-set and/or another battery. I don't have the instructions but check at for the procedure.

Why does your camera Nikon 500 turns of when picture is taking?

Really, a 1.3mp camera is a bad choice. Firstly when you transfer the photo to a computer or display it on a bigger screen it will be fuzzy or look pixelizd which looks horrible. Secondly the chanc... Read More »

Samsung LCD TV Turns on ok for about an hour, than the screen turns black with Audio!@?

Check the inverter board, if not the CCFL tubes. Bad capacitors may not be obvious.2008 is somewhat old for a TV, so you may consider selling it as is and buying a new TV.