Virus scaner?

Answer you can have one antivirus program on your hard disk. And you can use a free online scanning and detection program offered by bitdefender as an addition safety. Normally you should scan your comput... Read More »

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Virus!! need free scaner!!?

I concur with the other two answers. Get Grisoft's AVG Free Antivirus scanner for home users at the link in my source and scan that sucker out...

How do download a free subscription for a virus cleaner and a scaner?

Yes.……EDIT: The 4th response is rude and uncalled for. This is a legit question and the member has every right to... Read More »

So i been trying to scan pics from my scaner to the computer but the scaner menu wont open this is what i do?

I'm sure that once you actually finish a sentence, my friend, people will answer.What is it you do?Which specific scanner do you have?Which Operating System are you using on your computer?Have you ... Read More »

How do u use a scaner help!!?

turn on device. place document face down(image down) on to the flatbed. then press the scan button, or if you have HP press the black or color button depending on what option you want. then open up... Read More »