Virus problem Monitor is going blank after BIOS screen.?

Answer Never ever trust what's offered to you virtually, from the outside. I mean that spyware stuff. These days computers have become a profitable business for a lot of smart guys. It looks like you fix ... Read More »

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What could be problem with iPhone 4S blank screen after it was dropped?

I dropped mine from about a foot high and had the same problem. I took it to an Apple Store and the tech told me there's a cable inside that plugs the screen in to the board and it had broken loose... Read More »

New monitor, blank screen?

Dear Techtoni...,Kindly I ask you to update the information about your pc's grafic card (brand/type/type name) and new monitor (brand/type/type name).Can the new monitor handle the resolution and r... Read More »

No BIOS screen in monitor?

How are you connecting the screen? Could be a dodgy HDMI cable or if you're using a mini display port adaptor, if it's a cheap $7 passive one and not a $40 active one then you may not get anything ... Read More »

Why does my pc monitor keep going blank?

I dont know the answer to this, but, since we put a memory upgrade in my laptop 3 weeks ago mine keeps doing the same thing, most offputting isn't it?