Virus problem Monitor is going blank after BIOS screen.?

Answer Never ever trust what's offered to you virtually, from the outside. I mean that spyware stuff. These days computers have become a profitable business for a lot of smart guys. It looks like you fix ... Read More »

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New monitor, blank screen?

Dear Techtoni...,Kindly I ask you to update the information about your pc's grafic card (brand/type/type name) and new monitor (brand/type/type name).Can the new monitor handle the resolution and r... Read More »

No BIOS screen in monitor?

How are you connecting the screen? Could be a dodgy HDMI cable or if you're using a mini display port adaptor, if it's a cheap $7 passive one and not a $40 active one then you may not get anything ... Read More »

What could be problem with iPhone 4S blank screen after it was dropped?

I dropped mine from about a foot high and had the same problem. I took it to an Apple Store and the tech told me there's a cable inside that plugs the screen in to the board and it had broken loose... Read More »

YouTube videos not playing on my MacBook Air (blank black screen). Does anybody know how to fix this problem?

I had exactly the same problem, but I fixed it now. Just go to history, then click on clear all history, but only check the two options 'empty the cache' and 'Delete cookies and other site and plug... Read More »