Virus or something else HELP!?

Answer It's the Win32/Reveton Police Central e-crime Unit ransomware infection. Everything it says is a lie. It's after your money, and credit/debit card details.This video shows how to remove it:http://w... Read More »

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HELP! I think my computer has got a virus or something!!! PLEASE HELP!?

Your PC is infected with a smitfraud trojan. Go here to remove it free.Or,you can make a donation if you like.…Or,

Virus or Something serious please help me im scared.?

Yes it sounds like a virus. Maybe something like mild flu. Only thing you can do is rest a lot sleep a lot and take on lots of liquids.

Can I put music in my LG DARE using ITUNES or something else other then Rhapsody HELP!!?

Yes you can. First connect your phone to the computer. Then when it connects hit the "CLEAR" key, thats the center button on the bottom middle of your cell phone. Hit it until you see your wallpape... Read More »

Anyone else offered a price on a phone bill and then charged something else?

If the service you had before was with your local phone company, call them and ask to switch back. Or if it was from some other company, call that company and ask to switch back.After you get every... Read More »