Virus in my memory card, how could I recover the photos?

Answer First, scan and remove the virus with anti-virus software immediately. Even though the virus cannot be removed, you can still use some photo recovery software, which can help to recover the lost ph... Read More »

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How can I recover photos from a Sandisk memory card?

for sandisk memory card…

How to Recover Photos from a Corrupt SD Memory Card?

Secure Data (SD) memory cards are solid-state devices holding digital data without the need of moving parts. A corrupted file structure on an SD memory card makes it impossible to copy the photos o... Read More »

How do you recover photos from formated memory card?

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My phone's memory card has a virus . Is there any way i could remove the virus without losing my files?

What makes u think that your memory card would be infected with a virus? What is it doing?? As far as i know there is no way to remove a virus off of a memory card, unless uu format it. you can do ... Read More »