Virus has taking over my homepage www.coolpics.n,what do i do?

Answer This is the W32/Sohanad worm. You might have clicked a coolpics link that you might have got from one of you ymsgr buddies.I wrote instructions to remove this on my blog sometime ago. Here's the li... Read More »

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I went to a Myspace comments site and now my computer has a virus...keeps restarting itself over and over.....?

yeah, use free version of in safe mode.tap F8 key at start up, select safe mode with networking using arrow keys and enter key.Edit : in future use firefox with... Read More »


Why is vevo taking over youtube?

It's a long story.The three guys who started YouTube always intended it to be a site for ordinary people to upload and share home videos, shot with video camera or cell phone, with the users own so... Read More »

Is google taking over the world?

Maybe.... However, look here, they couldn't compete with Yahoo! Answers:… Read More »