Violation of Freedom of Expression?

Answer The First Amendment protects the rights of individuals to express themselves. Government action (by legislation, law enforcement or other means) that places a restraint on these freedoms constitute... Read More »

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Can Home owner association send a bill for the bylaw Violation without sending you the letter to correct the violation?

Read your governing documents to determine the process that the board must follow in this particular violation situation. There are violations for which there is zero tolerance, such as unattended ... Read More »

Is a seat-belt violation a moving violation?

In many states, a seat-belt violation is considered a moving violation. A moving violation negatively affects your insurance rates, as it adds points to your driving record. However, in some states... Read More »

How old is the Carnival Freedom?

The Carnival Freedom was completed in March 2007, and set sail from its building yard in Italy. The ship's decor, however, is made to evoke the feel of 17th-century France.References:Ship Parade: C... Read More »

How to Get to the Freedom Tunnel?

Just one example of the tasteful graffitiLocated in New York City, The Freedom Tunnel was once the home of anywhere between a few hundred or a few thousand homeless people living in makeshift house... Read More »