Vinyl Repair Compound?

Answer Vinyl repair compounds are designed to fix small problems with vinyl materials. Glues, caulks and other products often used to repair materials do not work with vinyl's plastic surface. A compound ... Read More »

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Can I pour leveling compound on existing vinyl floor?

On One Hand: Pour Leveling Compound Over Old VinylIf you are going to put down new flooring over an existing vinyl floor you should put down a layer of leveling compound over the vinyl flooring to ... Read More »

Spackling Compound for Ceiling Repair?

Spackle -- also known as mud or joint compound -- comes in many varieties. Most types of spackle are available at retail hardware and commercial building-supply stores. Whatever type of spackle you... Read More »

How to Use Rubbing Compound to Repair Bumpers?

Rubbing compound is a blend of abrasive agents used as the final product on a finished surface. The abrasive agents provide a very fine finish, smoothing out scratches in the paint. By using a rubb... Read More »

How Do You Repair Vinyl?

Vinyl is used to create a variety of items, including car seat covers, restaurant booths, pool liners, air mattresses and waterbeds. Though vinyl is a strong material that holds up well during use,... Read More »