Viking Costume Ideas?

Answer Wearing a Viking costume to your next event can be empowering and daring. Because the Vikings engage in brutal warfare, wearing a Viking costume can awaken your own warrior spirit, emboldening you ... Read More »

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Viking Float Ideas?

The Vikings were a ferocious and much-feared warrior culture from what is now Scandinavia. Basing a float on the Vikings offers you many different potential design angles, from their rich tapestry ... Read More »

Norse Viking Tattoo Ideas?

People often get tattoos to express a sense of connection with a thing, place, topic or culture. Whether you are a Norwegian proud of your Viking ancestors, a mythology buff specializing in Norse s... Read More »

Costume Day Ideas?

When planning a costume day, allow the student body to help choose the costume theme. This will encourage greater participation among students. Use your imagination -- and encourage student ideas -... Read More »

TMNT Costume Ideas?

They are young and hip teenagers. They are powerful mutants. They are specially trained ninjas. And who doesn't think turtles are cute? Since they first appeared in a comic book in 1984, the Teenag... Read More »