Views on Animal Testing?

Answer The "problem" is mostly Proctor & Gamble. They own many lines of products, and they do test on animals."Cover Girl" may not test products on animals, but P&G probably still tests individual ingred... Read More »

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What are your views regarding the use of seminude models in the animal advocate movement?

It's protesting the exploitation of one group of beings (animals) by exploiting another group (women). Inexcusable hypocrisy.Yes exploitative nude pictures get attention - from the dirty mac brigad... Read More »

What really goes on during animal testing?

Cosmetics are not tested by applying them to an animal. The Draize test involves putting drops of the test substance in the eyes of a rabbit. The surface of a rabbit's eye is very sensitive, and t... Read More »

Is animal testing really useful?

On One Hand: Animal Testing Has Been Beneficial to HumansMajor medical advancements have gained from animal testing including preventative treatments for cancer, better vaccines, organ transplants,... Read More »

Why is animal testing bad?

The animal information and conservation group, Animal Port, reports that there are no laws requiring cosmetic and household products to be tested on animals. The group notes that scientists have av... Read More »