Vietnamese Paper Crafts?

Answer The Vietnamese culture has always placed a strong emphasis on the arts and crafts, including several crafts based on paper. One of the streets of old Hanoi was actually called the "paper street" in... Read More »

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Hammerhead Paper Crafts?

Teach children about the wonders of the sea by featuring paper crafts about odd-looking ocean creatures such as Hammerhead sharks. These strange sharks have a head shaped like hammer, which makes t... Read More »

3D Paper Sea Turtle Art Crafts?

Sea turtles are amazing creatures. Baby sea turtles make a harrowing journey from the beach where they hatch to the safety of deep ocean waters. If they survive and aren't eaten by predators, sea t... Read More »

Claw Paper Crafts?

With these paper claw crafts, you don't need to go on a bear hunt to see a claw up close. Claws are present on many animals, including mammals, birds and reptiles. These paper claw crafts can be ma... Read More »

Watermelon Paper Crafts?

Watermelons, a healthy summertime treat, are often found at company and backyard picnics. Replicate the fruit using paper materials to ready school children for summer vacation or as a family craft... Read More »