Videographers - a rather elementary question about lavalier mics ...?

Answer You will not want to use the same frequencies as these would interfere with each other. Other than that using multiple mics is not a problem.Confirmation of this at this link:http://proaudiomusic.... Read More »

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Lavalier mic and regular mic question?

If your Camcorder has no MIC jack, what your need to record better Audio for Videos is to use a Digital Audio Recorder (DAR). You could get a DAR that you could hook Microphones up to, or wires fr... Read More »

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How to Wear a Lavalier Mic?

Lavalier microphones are small, portable recording devices that clip onto your clothing. These are usually used by speakers who do not want to use a large, handheld microphone or microphones held i... Read More »

What does it mean to greek lavalier someone?

A fraternity member gives his girlfriend a lavalier necklace as a symbol of commitment, according to Montclair State University's "Greek Life Glossary." The lavalier pendant features the fraternity... Read More »