Video streaming help please.?

Answer There is no Free way to do this, you'd need to buy an HD PVR or a capture card.Streaming gaming from PC is a lot easier, and there are free ways to do it as well.

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How can I get my DVD player to play video on my new TV I get audio but no video. Can you help please?

You need to use the TV remote control and select the input. Your Yamaha probably doesn't have HDMI connectors. Mine is about 3 years old and it doesn't have them either. SO I connected my DVD pl... Read More »

How to get CPI video files to MTS I'm so confused, please PLEASE help!?

The CPI file contains things like date and time information - you don't need it. If you can use the MTS files then that's all you need.

Need help wedding video :( please help?

I just hope that the disk has not been finalised. this is done through the cameras menu. If it has been finalised, then you are in trouble!You are going to have to try to recover the video. the bes... Read More »

S-video question please help ?

With an s-video cable of course. Then on your TV remote, change the input selection to s-video. On your laptop one on the FN keys - I forget which - can toggle the selection of video output.