Video of baby coming out of vagina?

Answer Um what the hell r u a pervert or wat? I'll see when u get pregnant... First u need your lover to stick his big fat dick in it hairy va jj lol srry I got upset... U can for a video on YouTube or so... Read More »

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Blood coming from my vagina?

okay you just got your period. im 15 too. you dont have to go to the doctor. just get someone to go to the grocery or drug store and buy you some pads or tampons to keep the blood off your clothes.... Read More »

How do you stop semen coming out of the vagina after sex?

Answer After sex, semen always seeps out of the vagina. There is no way of stopping this because it has nowhere else to go. The sperm are still inside though. The semen is just the transporter fluid.

I have snot like stuff coming out of my vagina.?

Most women have clear, thick and stretchy discharge when they are ovulating. That happens in between two periods. So that's probably what's happening to you right now: you're releasing an egg from ... Read More »

What is this oily stuff coming out of my vagina after sex?

It's probably a mixture of his sperm and your natural vaginal juices, and any natural lube from his penis did you use any other lube ? Like KY jelly? It's natural and nothing to worry about.