Video card ( GPU ) question?

Answer I would get the nVidia card any day. Better drivers, less noise, less heat, better performance for price. You will enjoy your upgrade.Hope i helped

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Video card question?

The 3870 is better, heres a chart comparing the two cards in several benchmarks.

Question about upgrading my video card?

If its a laptop: NO!Ifits a desktop: YES! Your i5 processor is PERFECT for gaming!! i7 is overkill and i3 is satisfactory. 8GB RAM is plenty enough. Everything is ok. Just make sure you have a 600W... Read More »

Question about video card chipsets for computers...?

Depending on which video card chipsets you have Nvidia or ATI:-… you don't know which video chipset you have try th... Read More »

Monitor video cable to graphics card question?

The cable screws are typically only threaded at the ends like this DVI cable for example (VGA cable plugs are similar BTW)-… the plug on the left shows t... Read More »