Video blogging tips: How do you talk into a camera?

Answer This may sound really silly, but it works for a lot of people. Take a paper plate and cut a hole out of the middle. This is where you will attach your video camera lens. On the paper plate draw ... Read More »

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What is a good Bridge or DSLR camera that I can use for video blogging?

Please No Not a bridge camera they do horrible video. Save up for a canon t2i (550d) or a t4i (650d) If you have to use a DSLR Not a bridge camera.

How can I import video clips from my HD camera into a video editing application?

You did not tell us WHICH HD camcorder from Sony.If you are using a hard drive or flash memory based camcorder, that AVCHD video cannot be used by Microsoft MovieMaker - and only the most current v... Read More »

How do You get Video from your video camera using the only USB cable going into a Mac?

You don't use USB to transfer the video. iMovie won't recognize the video from the camcorder coming in the USB port.Presuming your camcorder uses miniDVD discs and your Mac has a slot loading DVD d... Read More »

What is the diffrence of the video camera and digital camera can both be loaded into a personal computer ty?

a video camera takes moving images, while a digital camera takes still pictures and also some will take videos including mine. i dont know about video cameras being able to be loaded on to computer... Read More »