Video blogging tips: How do you talk into a camera?

Answer This may sound really silly, but it works for a lot of people. Take a paper plate and cut a hole out of the middle. This is where you will attach your video camera lens. On the paper plate draw ... Read More »

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What is a good Bridge or DSLR camera that I can use for video blogging?

Please No Not a bridge camera they do horrible video. Save up for a canon t2i (550d) or a t4i (650d) If you have to use a DSLR Not a bridge camera.

Any good video camera tips?

Use a tipod. You can get better pictures.

Does anyone know any good video blogging sites?

What DSLR camera is best for videos and blogging?

You won't find what you're asking for for that money... it'll be more.The simple solution to what you're asking is a camera operator that you can trust. I do this sort of thing for aspiring actors... Read More »