Video Games for Kids Age Three?

Answer Video games have evolved since introduced in 1972. Video games are now available for personal computers, laptops, cell phones, handheld devices and the separate unit that functions through a televi... Read More »

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Kids Games for Three Year Olds?

Three-year-olds are constantly on the move. Keep them busy with games that not only use up energy but help young children learn and grow. Children this age are just starting to explore their world,... Read More »

Video Games for Grade 10 Kids?

With the advent of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board in 1994, parents and consumers gained a powerful tool to determine subject matter and age-appropriateness in modern video games. Though ... Read More »

Do video games affect kids?

On One Hand: Psychological studies show a link.The American Psychological Association says that a meta-analysis of all studies conducted on the subject of video games and violence reveals that viol... Read More »

Are video games harmful to kids?

On One Hand: Certain Video Games Lead to Increased AggressionAccording to the American Psychological Association, several studies have indicated that children who play violent video games are more ... Read More »