Video Editing Help Needed?

Answer Try Video Studio Express for Mac -… - like After Effects it is a compositor and is free trial.

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What kind of computer is needed for video editing?

Editing video can be one of the most resource-heavy activities you do. When purchasing a new computer with the intent of editing video, it's important to know the minimum system requirements you wi... Read More »

What hard drive data rate is needed for HD video editing?

The data rate depends on the format of the high-definition video. For example, the lowest compressed, 720-by-480, DV format requires a data rate of 25 Mbps. The highest uncompressed, 1920-by-1080,... Read More »

Video editing HELP !?

FileLab is a freeware video editing program for just about all platforms (Mac, PC, etc...). It runs in your browser using a simple plug-in download. It has many transition and video effects, very... Read More »

Video editing help!!!!!?

You're not going to be able to do anything like that with a video editor. You *might* be able to do something with a DVD authoring program, though how you'd link from a menu button to a an externa... Read More »