Video Codec Problem! I Need Help!?

Answer You need to find out what codec you video was made with its not hard, go here it and install right click the file and select media info, its will giv... Read More »

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How to Change Media Player Video Codec?

Each video file used on a computer requires a specific video codec installed. Without the codec the computer (and the media player) is not going to know how to run the video file. Many media player... Read More »

What codec to download for importing video from a samsung SC-X300 into windows movie maker?

when I download anything from my camera etc sometimes I have to play around with the files. try opening the file with another program originally and see if that helps good luck

Youtube video problem or Flash player problem?

From the sound of it, I'm pretty sure the problem is with Firefox.I suggest restart Firefox with add-ons disabled. Just go to Help icon on the upper left side of your Firefox browser and then tick ... Read More »

Picture quality problem when connecting video to TV with S-Video TV out?

Try vlc media player to watch it. It has an upconversion that should help. BTW it also upconverts from standard dvd to near hd quality, kinda.