Video CD declarified on my monitor!?

Answer Declarified?? Please clarify your meaning for this word, then I might know what you want to do.Urban dictionary definition: declarify 6 up, 1 downdeclarify (de klair if eye) VERB. To explain somet... Read More »

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Monitor Video Signal Problem - What can cause problems with your Monitor's Video Relay?

Usually the video cable or the video card. A faulty graphic card driver can also cause image distortions, but that's a software defect that can be fixed by upgrading or re-installing the driver.

How do I use a computer monitor as a video monitor?

Connect the monitor to a DVD player or other video playing device such as a Tivo or DVR. You cannot use a monitor for watching TV, because that requires a TV tuner card, which a simple monitor does... Read More »

Can't get video on my monitor?

I don't know how to help people without more information. Windows something? Dual display active in the Nvidia controls? Correct refresh and resolution for the monitor that won't work? Is there... Read More »

What is a video monitor?

Video monitors are flat screen that displays video and graphics from a specific source. Video monitors can vary in their use. Computer screens are video monitors. Video-based baby monitoring equipm... Read More »