Victrolas That Are Worth Money?

Answer The Victor Talking Machine Company made the first Victrola phonographs in 1906. Companies like Edison and Pathe also made many phonographs during this time, but the Victrola remains distinct becaus... Read More »

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Is money that is printed wrong worth anything?

Currency errors are unusual because quality control at the Bureau of Engraving normally stops most errors from circulating within the public. Those that have not been stopped can circulate for year... Read More »

How to Sell the Stuff in Attic That Is Worth a Lot of Money?

People acquire things over time. And, many will acknowledge that their attics have become storage for many unused and unwanted goods. While some of the stuff may be mementos, and should be kept, ot... Read More »

Would you say that the latest MacBook Air is worth the money or should I get something else?

No. The MacBook Air is the one Mac that I strongly recommend against buying for anyone--even for people who fly a lot. The MacBook Pro or, if you're willing to get a desktop, the iMac or even the... Read More »

Is that book,"nature cures they dont want you to know about" worth buying or is he just trying to make money?

The author has been involved in many fraudulent business dealings and has been fined by the FTC. Read the links below to discover how unhappy many people are with his book and website.