Victorian Hats for Males?

Answer Men during the Victorian Era wore clothing and accessories that were much more formal than what men wear today. Unless a man was working outside it was considered improper for him to be dressed in ... Read More »

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DIY Victorian Hats?

Who can imagine a Victorian woman, with her corseted waistline and her bustled bottom, without her quintessential hat? Victorian hats were the capstone of woman's fashion, often sporting ribbons, f... Read More »

How to Make Victorian Feather Hats & Hair Clips?

If you yearn for the bygone Victorian era, satisfy your desire by making yourself a special treat. A bedecked Victorian feather hat and hair clip might be just the thing to wear to church or your n... Read More »

Why do males like tv so much?

TV emmits gamma rays. This is electromagnetic radiation, and it has the property of polarizing organic macromolecules. According to the shape of the molecule and the frequency of that radiation, po... Read More »

How to Be a Vixen to Males?

A vixen is generally a woman or girl who is irresistable to men. Vixens are mysterious and cultured. With just a bit of practice, you can become one.