Very stinky vagina?

Answer bleach? ouchmaybe ask if you can move? there is no polite way to tell someone her crotch smells...just say it out. im guessing your not friends so.good luck and let me know what happens!

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If a man rubs his penis along the inside of the vagina for stimulation without ejaculating is it then possible that his sperm somehow got into the mouth of the vagina?

Precum is the clear slippery fluid that often begins to slowly "leak" from the tip of the penis when a man is very excited. Rubbing the penis along (or even deep inside) the vagina is perfectly saf... Read More »

Is it effective when girl washed her vagina with soap after the intercourse but all the guy did was rub his penis on her vagina and didn't know when seminal fluid came out?

Can she get pregnant if i ejaculated outside her vagina and after few minutes i entered my penis into her vagina?

Yes! If you ejaculate on her thigh or around her vagina her sperm will attempt to enter her vagina and travel up until it finds an egg. If you hadn't cleaned your penis thoroughly before you pene... Read More »

How to Have Less Stinky Feet?

After a day of walking around in your favorite old pair of sneakers, you may notice a foul odor wafting up from your feet. Shoes are a breeding ground for bacteria, and when it combines with persp... Read More »