Very stinky vagina?

Answer bleach? ouchmaybe ask if you can move? there is no polite way to tell someone her crotch smells...just say it out. im guessing your not friends so.good luck and let me know what happens!

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Very embarrassing vagina question?

Could be a boil. It is an infected hair like a pimple, but it is deeper and hurts very badly. Look it up and you can figure out if that is what you had. The symptoms of boils are red, pus-filled l... Read More »

My vagina is very itchy and i asking if any one knows how to help or stop the itch?

They told you to eat yogurt b/c they think you have a yeast infection. If I were you I'd see another doctor. 3 years is waaaay too long to have a yeast infection. They usually cure themselves after... Read More »

I have a very itchy vagina, it hurts while having sex , can it be yeast infection?

Yes, you may have a yeast infection. I hate to say it, but stop having sex for a while. You gave your yeast infection to your husband. Most men just carry the infection and give it back to you la... Read More »

When a baby is born will the mother have a very loose vagina?

Can they? In theory, yes, as all of them should have learned basic obstetrics during their medical or osteopathic school training. Are they allowed to? It depends upon what their hospital privile... Read More »