Very embarassing, any doctors here anyone please answer..!!!?

Answer They are very common and they are called thread worms. Almost all children will have them at least once throughout their childhood! Go to the chemist first thing and ask them for the correct treatm... Read More »

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Has anyone here used TELUS Anonymous Caller ID or Caller Reveal or any other similar features Please answer.?

hello, stephen, yes I use this!!!I like the wildcard feature, just dial 800 * and all 800 number will not get thru....… ... Read More »

VERY paranoid that i have Salmonella. (PLEASE HELP ME) please answer?

I'm 100% sure you have Salmonella. Enjoy!

Do I need help for my problems Doctors if can please answer?

First of are you parents divorced, have you had any traumatic events happened to you in your child hood, the obscene images are caused by your sub-conscious and not normal you should find yourself ... Read More »

Bruising doctors say it's not leukemia please answer?

Cancer, fibromyalgia, lupus etc are all things that would still be getting worse.You are getting better.Therefore, you had something temporary like a viral infection.